Tartk Roheruum Tallinnas

Tehnopol and PAKRI opened an autonoumus Greenroom


The aim is to provide companies developing smart technology solutions a place to test and demo their products. It's a place for Estonian ICT and greentech companies to promote their products, as the Greenroom is available to use as a meeting room and is opened for several international delegations visiting Science Park Tehnopol every week. "If we can tell that self-driving cars are soon our…
Smart City for the Citizens conference

Smart City for the Citizens 2017


Presentations: Linnar Viik - Mobile Megatrends and Opportunities for the Cities Sami Sahala - How to Enable and Benefit from Innovative Mobility? Daniel Hess - Parking Challenges in Smart Cities Kristina Reinsalu - Engagement of the Citizens as the Key Factor of Success Leon Smith - Smart Cities Delivered through Smart Procurement Alar Võrk - Towards Zero Energy Cities across Europe - Integrated Sensor Network:…

Estonian logistics companies are participating in the international logistics exhibition TransRussia 2017


TransRussia 2017 takes place from April 18 to 20 at the Moscow Exhibition Center Crocus Expo. The only Estonian stand will be represented by the leading companies of the country's transport industry: Port of Tallinn, Port of Sillamäe, Paldiski Northern Port, the main railway and port operators - Estonian Railways, EVR Cargo, Transiidikeskuse, as well as companies providing transport and logistics services - Contimer, Intopex…
Cluster matchmaking conference in Stuttgart

5th Cluster Matchmaking Conference on September 21-22, 2017 in Stuttgart


For the 5th time BSR Stars hosts the Cluster Matchmaking Conference. After five years with cluster matchmaking and cluster internationalisation (through Innovation Express) it is time to bring cluster collaboration to the next level. The Cluster Matchmaking Conference offers excellent matchmaking opportunities with Europe’s leading cluster organisations, lot’s of networking opportunities and a thrilling interactive programme in a vibrant and learning atmosphere. The Cluster Matchmaking Conference is coordinated…
Smart City for the Citizens

Smart City for the Citizens 2017


ON-SITE VISITS & DEMONSTRATIONS Option 1 - The backstage of Estonian National Museum - 107 years in the making and ten years in the building Everyone can visit the museum that houses Estonian history, tradition, new aims and engaging dreams, but you will have an exclusive chance to see the backstage - how was the biggest museum in Estonia built during the 10 year process…

A Place for Independent Minds: Estonia’s New Brand Concept


Estonia.ee — the country’s official gateway page — focuses on three core themes: digital society, a clean environment and unspoilt nature, and smart people. Nation branding – measuring, building and managing the reputation of countries – is still a developing field in which experts are searching for the right answers, sometimes through trial and error, sometimes learning from the best. As in many fields in…
Tallinna klastriklubi Ämaris

The Cluster Club Visited the Ämari Airbase


The defence industry in any country, which is based on cooperation between the state and private business, is a strategic branch of industry. Historically, the Republic of Estonia has been known for its strong defence industry. It may seem unbelievable, but at one time we even built our own planes. The interim period of decline has been overcome and increasingly the ambition of this nascent…

London’s Lord Mayor Praised Estonia’s FinTech Sector


At a dinner organised by British Ambassador Theresa Bubbear, the Lord Mayor shared his interest in the Estonian financial sector, highlighting the progress that has been made by the companies in our FinTech sector, the reputation of which extends far beyond Estonia.  In an active discussion related to the expected impact of Brexit on both Great Britain and the European Union, concern was expressed regarding…

Cleantech Breeze: Green Idea Day. April 8th in Tartu & April 9th in Tallinn


You might have tons of good ideas to make materials, transportation, energy production/consumption, fashion industry, grid or food supply, or any other green related topics that come to your mind and thrives you, more efficient. Will this idea fly? Does it make business sense? If and how should you continue with your idea? We will help you validate the idea, fine tune your business model…