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Cluster overview

The main goal of the Estonian ICT Cluster is to promote cooperation among ICT companies and other economic branches. Through this, we aim to foster the development of new solutions and the creation of new products, and to improve the companies’ competitive ability in the international market. To reach the goal we are focusing on three main areas: internationalization, workforce development and cooperation.

Looking for

ICT Cluster is open for cooperation with all the economic branches, which help to launch new e-society initiatives.

Competence fields

  • INTERNATIONALIZATION including: Arranging business visits, study trips and participating in conferences relevant for the field;Organizing different export related activities in order to support the internationalization of the cluster partners (including localization of marketing materials, hiring local experts, supporting B2B matchmaking etc.; Starting cooperation and joining international innovation projects/cluster networks; Etc.
  • WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT including: Addressing the topics of ICT workforce quality (forecasting the need for workforce, contributing to the development of curricula, handling foreign workforce opportunities); Increasing the competencies of cluster partners concerning the target markets; Organizing trainings and seminars for cluster partners in order to raise the competencies concerning international sales and innovation capability; Etc.
  • COOPERATION including: Finding joint themes between the cluster partners and mapping their competencies/ capabilities in these fields;
    Supporting cluster partners joint developments (including joint business models, basic research activities, product development);
    Organizing knowledge raising seminars concerning ICT for other economic sectors and finding cooperation partners for starting joint development projects;

Cluster members

Estonian ICT Cluster has 87 members (companies, research institutions). See more: www.itl.ee


Doris Põld

Cluster Manager


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Maarja Rannama

Cluster Project Manager


+372 5558 2672