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Tallinn Clusters` Club started the fall season with a matchmaking event


It was an excellent opportunity for the club to host an international group of clusters visiting Estonia in the frame of the project „CECIL (Cluster Excellence for Creative Industries Leadership)”, funded by the European Union’s COSME Programme and uniting clusters from different countries – Ireland, France, Spain, Poland and Denmark. CECIL consortium represents five European clusters to drive cluster excellence and provide top professional support services…
Nordic Baltic Dynamics 2017

Nordic-Baltic Dynamics 2017 conference: October 26th-27th in Stockholm


The new business and conference season is getting close! The Nordic-Baltic Dynamics 2017 innovation conference registration is open and early bird tickets on sale until the end of August! As this year’s conference focuses on building resilience, we are proud to have the Deputy Science Director Victor Galaz from Stockholm Resilience Centre as one of our keynote speakers! Check out the other top-notch speakers and…
ConnectedHealth cluster logo

Connected Health got the Bronze Label of the European Cluster Excellence Initiative


Each cluster was analyzed based on an interview of the cluster manager conducted by an impartial ESCA benchmarking expert. The interview covers 36 indicators with regard to the structure of the cluster, the cluster management and the governance of the cluster, financing of the cluster management, services provided by the cluster management, contacts and interaction within the cluster and achievements and recognition of the cluster.…
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eHealthTallinn 2017 site visit


Estonian Connected Health Ecosystem eHealthTallinn2017 site visit Estonia, Tallinn, Tallinn Science Park Tehnopol, Mäealuse 2/1 Two opportunities: Oct 16 at 9:30-11:30 and Oct 18 at 16:00-18:00 Agenda: Health care and e-health in Estonia – 30 min Discussion – 20 min Estonian Connected Health Cluster, its core topics, members and cooperation opportunities – 20 min Estonian Connected Health Cluster members’ presentations – 30 min Networking –…
Eesti puitmajaklastrile omistati European Cluster Excellence pronksmärgis

Estonian Wooden Houses Cluster was awarded with the European Cluster Management Excellence label in BRONZE


Observations from the Cluster Benchmarking: The Wooden Houses Cluster initiative (EWHC) belongs to one of the most developed cluster initiatives in Estonia and beyond. It is growing rapidly and participants are among the most competitive Estonian wooden houses producers whose products are valued in Estonia and abroad. Cluster communication and marketing activities have built the reputation in Europe that Estonia is the biggest wooden houses…

HIVdigital has created two valuable digital solutions in the field of HIV


The decision support platform Diagnostic Match is a tool for general practitioners that helps to detect people needing HIV testing in mere seconds. The hINF mobile application facilitates communication between HIV-positive patients and their attending physicians and helps to save time by replacing nearly half of the visits with digital visits. According to Kitty Kubo, the organiser of the competition and the innovation lead of…
Manufuture 2017

“MANUFUTURE 2017 – Moving up the Value Chain” taking place on 24-25 October, 2017 in Tallinn


MANUFUTURE 2017 will focus on smart manufacturing, Industry 4.0 in practice, the factories of the future, robotics, the internet of things and smart products. The program is taking shape here at the conference website and the registration is opened. Please find the registration terms and form below. MANUFUTURE 2017 will take place in autumn 2017, during the second half of Estonia’s Presidency of the Council…
eHealth Tallinn 2017

eHealth Tallinn 16-18 October 2017


The high-level conference will address how digital technologies and the wider use of health data are changing our lives and the ways of healthcare. Through a combination of educational sessions, interactive workshops and valuable networking opportunities, the conference will not only showcase already existing digital health solutions, but also use-cases and technologies to demonstrate that citizen-centric health services and systems are genuinely valuable. European healthcare…
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The Cluster Club ended the season


People as a labour as a whole are characterised by their ability to do creative work and create added value. By doing things that we are good at and value, that make us happy, while also creating profit for others, our motivation, working ability and quality of life increase. Taking into account the fact that the origins and development of clusters are based on mutually…
Tartk Roheruum Tallinnas

Tehnopol and PAKRI opened an autonoumus Greenroom


The aim is to provide companies developing smart technology solutions a place to test and demo their products. It's a place for Estonian ICT and greentech companies to promote their products, as the Greenroom is available to use as a meeting room and is opened for several international delegations visiting Science Park Tehnopol every week. "If we can tell that self-driving cars are soon our…