Cell Therapy Cluster

Cluster overview

Estonian Cell Therapy Cluster brings together skills of public and private sector of regenerative medicine, novel technologies, hospitals, clinics, scientists and universities and a GMP laboratory in order to build up a new branch in healthcare as well as expand the cooperation within Estonian and international healthcare and scientific institution with the visionis to shape the field of regenerative medicine and cell therapy in Estonia into Estonia’s flagship for biotechnology exports.


Looking for

The focus of cooperation project lies on cGMP manufacturing of therapeutic cells and their use in treatment; and Koostöö fookuses on nii projektid tüvirakkude kasvatamiseks ja kasutamiseks ravis; clean room manufacturing projects; immunodiagnostics both for research and clinical trials; development of intelligent biotechnology solutions; immuunodiagnostika nii teadustööks kui ka ravimiuuringuteks; intelligentsete biotehnoloogia lahenduste loomine; general or specific research according to university or clinic; antibodies & protein production; clinical research; clinical trials and cancer research.


Competence fields

  • Specific research as well as assessment of new clinical treatments based on cell therapy
  • cGMP manufacturing of therapeutic cells for clinical trials and research (CellIn Technologies OÜ)
  • cGMP manufacturing (GMP cleanroom services in grade A with grade B background, accordingly).It offers also training for laboratory specialists according to GMP rules. (Biolaborid OÜ)
  • Development of immunodiagnostics (immunoprofiling) and development of lead compound selection technologies(Protobios OÜ)
  • Specific research according to university profile (University of Tartu, Tallinn University of Technology). This project related more with cell biology, neurobiology but there are far more expertise available.
  • Daily medical care (Tartu University Hospital, Hospital of Reconstructive Surgery, The Hospital of Orthopaedics, Vitaclinica)
  • Antibodies and protein production and purification (Labas AS)
  • Clinical trials (E-Geen AS)
  • Manufacturing, packaging and subcontracting of pharmaceuticals (Kevelt AS)
  • Cancer research (The Competence Centre for Cancer Research)

Cluster members

13 members, profiles can be found http://celltherapycluster.eu/en/members.html

Cluster contact

Helina Jõhvik

Project Manager


+372 56 612 806