Logistics Cluster

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Cluster overview

The Estonian Logistics Cluster is a joint initiative dedicated to the international marketing of the members’ services, introduction of the logistic advantages of Estonia at the target markets, research and development, and logistics education.

Looking for

Development of European logistics network in cooperation with other clusters (e.g. Logistics Clusters in Europe);
Development of innovative and smart new products in cooperation with other clusters (e.g. IT-cluster).


Competence fields

The activities of the Cluster make a whole and are necessary for achieving the objectives:

  • joint marketing action plan – export growth;
  • production capacity sharing action plan – competitiveness and new competitive advantages;
  • Communication action plan – shared understanding;
  • Information technology action plan – innovation, key technologies

Cluster members

17 Partners= 14 Enterprises + 2 Universities + 1 Association. Companies profiles are available on the Estonian Logistics Cluster webpage http://www.transit.ee/members

Cluster Management Excellence: Bronze Label


Andres Valgerist_Eesti Logistikaklaster

Andres Valgerist

Cluster Manager


+372 51 52 270