Active Life Cluster SportEST

Cluster overview

The Active Life Cluster SportEST is an association, which brings together different agencies, organisations and businesses operating in the sector with the intention of developing new innovative solutions in the field of health for active life. SportEST cluster unites its members (consortium-based or intra-cluster) and external cooperation partners, who offer products and services and/or carry out activities that are directly or indirectly related to promotion of healthy lifestyle and healthy living environment by encouraging and developing innovations in active life and in the related areas (healthcare, medical biotechnology, ICT, e-health, sports, tourism, etc.)

Looking for

The cluster proovides opportunities for cooperation in both foreign countries and domestically, the organisation of joint seminars, increased awareness related to active health among amateur, top-level and young athletes, physiotherapists, family doctors and nurses, coaches, sports doctors and orthopaedists, as well as in the development of joint products and services that could help to prevent injuries, provide competent treatment and faster recovery for people involved in sports.

Competence fields

Active Life Cluster unites partners and is carrying out activities in the following areas: medical services, beiotechnology, e-health, as well as sector-specific IT-solutions and communication. In order to ensure functioning of an integrated value chain the following support sectors have been involved in the process: providers of support services, equipment and/or accessories, educational, research and development institutions, technology development and competence centres, local government and state authorities, as well as all professional associations and overarching organisations.

Cluster members

The SportEST has 38 partners, including organisations in the field of sports medicine as well as support and associated areas of activity. The activity-based division and more detailed descriptions of the partners are available on the cluster’s website:

Cluster Management Excellence: Bronze Label


Helin Pevkur

Project Manager

+372 522 2448