Wind Technology Cluster

Cluster overview:

The objectives of the Wind Technology Cluster are to develop the production of wind turbines as an industrial sector in Estonia and to break into international markets. One of the distinctive features of the Wind Technology Cluster is that members are consolidated into a production supply chain system for the wind turbines and parts developed in Estonia. The Wind Technology Cluster is a vertically integrated cluster or supply chain cluster. The cluster will create the preconditions for the production of Estonian-designed wind turbine models and parts by Estonian companies in as large volumes as possible.

Looking for:

The references acquired from supplying components to Estonian wind turbine manufacturers will provide an opportunity for supplying products to wind turbine producers in other countries. The objective that has been established is to have 70% of the parts used in the wind turbines produced in Estonia to be of Estonian origin by 2020, which assumes that about 35 Estonian companies will be consolidated into a uniform supply chain.

Competence field:

The Wind Turbine Cluster is intended to function as an incubator for new initiatives and collaborative projects involving the companies in the sector, where the development work and product design involving the partners is executed. At the same time, the entire sector will be developed together methodically. The cluster’s courses of action include:

  • joint marketing and improving the image of Estonia wind technology internationally;
  • cooperation and a joint supply network;
  • innovation and the development of competences;
  • participation in policymaking.

Cluster members:

Currently, there are 15 members in the Wind Technology Cluster, including three wind turbine manufacturers, eight producers of turbine components, one scientific institution, one engineering office, and two providers of advisory services. More information about our members is available here.

Cluster Management Excellence: Bronze Label


Indrek Kaunissaare

Project Manager

+372 5569 4364