The Cluster Club ended the season

Posted on 19.06.2017

At the last meeting of the Cluster Club for the spring season, which was held at the Särgava residence, the discussion was about people and health, from the viewpoint of the cluster and the cluster managers.

People as a labour as a whole are characterised by their ability to do creative work and create added value. By doing things that we are good at and value, that make us happy, while also creating profit for others, our motivation, working ability and quality of life increase. Taking into account the fact that the origins and development of clusters are based on mutually beneficial cooperative relations, and thereby ideas are exchanged and joint objectives are achieved, the initiators of the cluster play an important role in the unification and motivation of all the interested parties. However, energy is not limitless, and the even the most capable people get tired. In some cases, all that’s needed is to be able to let off some steam. A discussion group to help strengthen the mental health of the cluster managers was conducted by Doris Põld from the ICT cluster and Anu Eslas from the Defence Cluster.

A healthy spirit in a healthy body. Our physical health also requires attention. In Estonia, SportEST, a cluster directing attention at active life innovation, takes care of the development in this field of activity. The cluster is focused on people, and increasing their life spans and healthy life years. Since the companies and organisation dealing with the development of health for an active life are mostly small, but unique, then cooperation is being used to jointly create something new to enrich people’s vitality and living environment. The possibilities for preserving the work efficiency and fitness of the cluster managers were introduced to the club members by physiotherapist and instructor Katre Lust-Mardna from the Physiotherapy Clinic, under whose direction simple exercises were conducted for relieving stress.

The Cluster Club will continue its meetings in September.